1. Sayaka making a deal with Kyubey.

    Grape did all the animation in this. I inked and colored it.

  2. Decided to draw a xenomorph.

  3. Some other swamp monster designs.

  4. Going to try to do this Monster Challenge. Day 1 is a swamp dwelling monster.

    Also, added a gif of my process.

  5. grapeinajar:

    Some half life love from sumtime and myself. Sumtime did the background and made the puppet parts for the hunter as well as turned it into a gif. I did all the animation. 

    Fun little project we did!

  6. I’m not really into Hetalia, but I do like dogs.

  7. Watched Homeward Bound today.

  8. This is Miss T. Grape’s cat. She hates me. Maybe one day she will love me.

  9. Doodle

  10. Grape and I are doing a thing, that involves hunters…

  11. Just finished Half-Life 2. Headcrabs are so cute…

  12. Amaterasu

  13. Chibiterasu, but this drawing is new!

  14. Old drawing of Chibiterasu from Okamiden. Haven’t played that yet, but I’d like to since the original game, Okami, is a big influence on my work. I often like to draw the characters from that game when I’m feeling down with my drawings.

  15. Going out for the whole week, will probably have no internet, but will try to draw lots, and post more later!